Website FAQs is a popular website. If you have questions about the site, then you’ve come to the right place. Below are a few frequently asked questions that a lot of people have. What Is It?

It’s a weblog. It includes info and reviews about supplements, sports nutrition and reviews about various products.

How Do You Get In Touch With

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What’s offered by Badass Legal Roids’ reviews?

Several factors come into play when Badass Legal Roids decides to mark a product as being good or bad. The team at Badass Legal Roids is strongly opposed to using products that may post even a small risk of health to one’s body. Furthermore, a few of the key criteria used by Badass Legal Roids when it comes to evaluations include:

  • Product certifications
  • Personal experience
  • Composition of the item being reviewed
  • Personal evaluation
  • Side effects
  • Price
  • An evaluation of the company and the manufacturing facility
  • Money back guarantee
  • And more

Is medical support offered by

The team at consists of a number of health experts. However, no diagnosis or treatments are possible. It’s advisable to seek out medical attention if you are experiencing a health problem.

What action can be taken if copyrights are violated by’ content?

Copyright infringement is a very serious matter. checks content first before it is posted. However, if a situation does come up and it’s a violation, then you can contact They’ll want details about the content, as well as a description of the violation.

How does make money? doesn’t earn money by selling products, and they do have have a line of products. In turn, don’t recommend their products to their readers, which also means that all of the reviews posted to are 100% honest and objective. Not only that, but the reviews are also based on data and info that is available on the items that are being reviewed.

Maintaining the website’s operation does mean incurring expenses. Thus, advertising revenue is what helps pay for these expenses. That is how makes money.

Does sell products?

As previously mentioned, doesn’t sell products from their website. Readers can purchase the products reviewed based on their own decisions. If they decide to purchase the products, then they can head over to the official websites that sell the products.

Those are the top frequently asked questions people typically have about our website. If you have any other questions you’d like answered or concerns you want addressed, then feel free to contact us.