CrazyBulk Canada Reviews

Is Crazy Bulk Legit? Real Results and Testimonials

Crazy Bulk is one of the leading fitness product manufacturers. The company offers a variety of great products that clients have been loving since day 1. If you’re unsure about the products or taking the financial plunge, have no fear. We’ve compiled a list of 50 great reviews from satisfied Crazy Bulk customers.

Crazy Bulking Stack

Gain Crazy Muscle Mass Fast

crazybulk bulking stackCrazy Bulk’s main product, the bulking stack, is the best product to use when your goal is to build muscle mass. Bulking stack consists of a collection of supplements that work together to give you consistent, easy-to-see results.

The Bulking Stack promises to:

  • Help you build muscle fast
  • Reduce your fat gain while you bulk
  • Provide energy
  • Improve your performance when working out

Bulking Stack contains:

  • D-bal ( Dianabol alternative)
  • DecaDuro (Deca Durabolin alternative)
  • Trenorol (Trenbolone alternative)
  • Testo-Max (Sustanton alternative)
  • Free guide to bulking

Bulking Stack Reviews

I got bulking stack from crazy bulk sometime within the past month and have just finished the lot. I read reviews online that said it works fast and they weren’t lying. I started to feel its effects on day 1 and have great results from it so far. No negative side effects- everything has been positive. I placed another order and can’t wait to build more muscle!
Mike Buff
Currently having the best bulk of my life 3 weeks into using Crazy Bulks bulk up stacks. I’ve gained nearly 15 pounds and have taken note of strength gains, too. I work out hard and recover fast. Happy I bought the bulking stack
I’ve wanted to try steroids (legally!) for a long time and did it with Crazy Bulks bulking stacks. Bros, I should have tried this sooner. I have intense workouts and great gains.
The ladies I work with are noticing my gains, too. I’ve gotten compliments and have been asked if I’ve been working out.
Shipped my package to Cornwall, ON with no problems. Product is working good.Mo
Before I workout I take the bulking stack with whey protein and a banana and I can confidently say that I feel like an oiled machine at the gym. My workout buddy asked where I was getting this from. He calls it quits after 45 minutes but I average 90 minutes a session now. I should tell him what I’ve been taking but since they are called steroids there is a stigma surrounding them even though they are not real steroids, which is why I’ve kept it a secret until now.
Crazy Bulk? Crazy good.
I’m not sure how but Bulking Stack has helped me to gain 15 pounds while also burning fat within the past 2 months. I was eating upwards of 3,500 calories and expecting to gain both muscle and fat but so far I’ve only gained muscle. I can see my abs where I couldn’t before. Bulking stack has helped me to gain muscle and burn fat so I don’t need to do a cut haha.
It’s great when things work out better than expected!
I was struggling at the gym before I started using bulking stacks.
My form was jacked up, I had low energy, and and I had no motivation which gave me bad results. I got bulking stack because I heard that it was good…for me, it’s better better than just good. It feels like a fire has been lit inside me since I started using it. I have tons of energy for working out, I have more focus, and my workouts are better. I’m able to lift heavier and have started gaining muscle already but I’m a workout newbie so I’ll have to start eating more calories.
The best part is that the ingredients are safe and non damaging to my body.
Surfer Wes

Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack

Get Shredded

crazybulk cutting stackThe cutting stack is designed for burning fat fast and getting shredded so that you can show off your new muscles while looking great. The cutting stack helps you burn fat, gives you energy, and helps you preserve your new muscles while you cut.

Cutting Stack contains:

  • Anvarol (Anavar alternative)
  • Testo-Max (Sustanton alternative)
  • Clenbutrol (Clenbuterol alternative)
  • Winsol (Winstrol alternative)
  • Free guide to cutting

Cutting Stack promises to:

  • Help you burn fat fast
  • Retain muscle gains while cutting
  • Increase energy
  • Lessen your appetite

Cutting Stack Reviews

I just finished cutting and had to leave a good review. This stuff is the real deal. I tried to cut in the past but failed because the low calories left me feeling weak and lacking energy. The cutting stack has helped me keep my energy up and burn away fat fast. I did a 1 month long cut and lost 11 lbs without losing muscle or strength.
Not a cheap product but I’m glad I got it. Highly recommend.
Underground G
Using the cutting stack I went from 220 to 195 in a month. I only burned fat. It made me feel great. Gave me tons of extra energy and helped me keep a good pace at the gym. Buying more after my next bulk hands down.
I’ve previously tried the steroid Clenbuterol and gotten good results so I wanted to see what the cutting stack could do for me. I’m very happy with it. Using just one stack I lost almost 20 lbs. My abs are showing nicely. I also ate less calories and worked the pounds off which helped a lot. I honestly believe that I got better results with this than real steroids.
I follow body beast workouts but when it came to cutting I couldn’t manage to do it. After I lowered my calorie intake I was left with aching muscles and no energy. I read something about the cutting stacks and found myself here. I’ve completed a 30 day cut with no issues or aches. I had lots of energy and pushed myself past my personal limits which probably helped me burn more fat.
Next time I use the body beat system I’m going to pair it with the cutting stacks.
Paul Hill
Got this to lose weight. It works really well. I’ve lost 22 lbs in 4 weeks.
I’m a returning customer to Crazy Bulk. I’ve used all of their products and my favorite is the cutting stack. You can bulk up without using supplements by eating lots so it causes less stress but cutting can be stressful. The cutting stack does everything it claims it will. Faster recovery, better performance, more energy and muscle retention.
If you’re looking to make your cutting phase easy and get great results, go with this stack.
Crazy Bulk User
As a female, I was worried about using legal steroids but I’ve read reviews of other women using it and getting good results. I went straight for the cutting products to try and burn fat and so far I’m thrilled with the results. It’s always been hard for me to lose weight but this has helped me lose 16 lbs in a month. I’m looking better that I have in years. No side effects and I love this product! Yay!
I’ve just done my first workout since starting the cutting stack and it went really well. I worked out for a few hours and I could feel that I was really digging away at my fat stores.
Really enjoying these pills. My workouts feel turbo charged and I have had faster recoveries. I’m feeling great and motivated. This is motivating me to push harder in the gym for results.
Love it!

Crazy Bulk Strength Stack

Gain Real Strength

crazybulk strength stackThe Strength Stack was created to help you gain both strength and muscle mass at the same time. With the Strength Stack, it’s about more than just aesthetics and being cut- it’s about being as strong as physically possible and achieving strength in a healthy way.

Strength Stack contains:

  1. Testo-Max (Sustanon alternative)
  2. Trenorol (Trenbolone alternative)
  3. Anvarol (Anavar alternative)
  4. D-bal (Dianabol alternative)
  5. Free guide to strength training

Strength Stack promises to:

  • Increase energy
  • Help you workout harder
  • Build muscle easily
  • Burn stubborn fat
  • Prevent aging

CrazyBulk Strength Stack Reviews

The goal is to build strength for competitions. I’ve used it for 2 weeks so far and am really feeling it!
Big Joe
I’ve been strength training for a few years now and have hit a plateau. I just completed 30 days of a stack called Crazy Bulk Strength Stack and I have overcome the plateau!
I have less aches and pains and can feel myself growing stronger by the day. I also lift heavier.
I’m not sure how the stack works but it definitely does and that’s what matters.

CrazyBulk Growth Hormone Stack

Boost Growth Hormone and Build Muscle Fast

crazybulk growth stackNothing works better for full-body wellness than an increase in testosterone levels. When your testosterone levels are in check and balanced, you’re able to build muscle easier as well as have more energy. You’ll feel better all around.

Growth Hormone Stack contains:

  1. HGH-X2
  2. DecaDuro (Deca Durabolin alternative)
  3. D-bal (Dianabol alternative)
  4. Testo-Max (Sustanon alternative)
  5. Clenbutrol (Clenbuterol alternative)

Growth Hormone Stack promises to:

  • Increase energy
  • Allow you to workout harder
  • Build muscle easily
  • Burn fat fast
  • Slows aging

CrazyBulk Growth Stack Reviews

I got the Growth Hormone stack because I’m in my early 40’s and want to get fit. I’m not trying to be a bodybuilder or anything but I’ve heard this is good. Since I started using the stack I’ve had the energy to do daily workouts whereas before, I couldn’t gather the energy to workout a few times a week.

I’m happier and more focused which has been great for productivity at work and for my family life at home. It might be just me but my skin looks better too, which I heard was a positive about growth hormones. I’ve burned off fat and am in better shape. My wife says I’m looking the best I have in years. After I’m done this stack I’ll start using Testo-Max because it’s said to be good for maintenance.

If you’re reading this and you aren’t a young guy but you want something to help you feel like yourself again by getting you into shape and enjoy life, then I recommend this stack with my whole heart.
Jack Bryan

CrazyBulk D-Bal – The best Dianabol alternative

CrazyBulk D-BalD-bal is the Crazy Bulk alternative for Dianabol- an oral tablet that works to increase the body’s physique. D-bal is one of the company’s most sought after products, and it’s an excellent supplement for those who want to turn onebast mode in the gym and build muscle in record time.

It works by increasing the body’s nitrogen retention capability, helping the body become anabolic. This is beneficial because the body builds muscle when it’s in a state of anabolism. The ingredients in D-bal increase protein synthesis, as well, ensuring the repair and growth of muscles after a strenuous workout.

D-bal promises to:

  • Help you build muscle
  • Achieve beast mode
  • Boost energy
  • Feel good

D-Bal Reviews

I was too nervous to try the real Dianabol aha. So I got this as an alternative. This stuff is awesome. I haven’t been using it long but my muscles feel fuller and can lift heavier. I get some amazing pumps. I have this big vein that goes down my biceps when I curl…never happened before!
Awesome product.
I was skeptical of D-bal like many guys are, and I thought it was a scam. After a year of hearing about it I gave in to the hype and got a bottle. My mind has been changed and I don’t ever want to be working out without it now. It’s taken my workouts to the ultimate level. I workout like a monster instead of a normal guy. I feel great- tons of energy, stronger, and more focused. I take it before I workout so that every workout is a great one. I see the results in the mirror too. I have more muscles and less fat. My buddies have noticed it, too. A few asked if I am on “the juice” aha. These don’t count as “juice” because they’re natural…right?
The reviews looked good so I went to D-bal to build muscle. I’ve gained 7 lbs in a month and it seems to be all muscle because I can still see the abs. This has been awesome for my confidence levels and I find myself walking taller.
D-bal is the real deal, no doubt about it. I work a lot so I needed help building muscle and getting into shape. I use this in the morning when I lift weights and I can feel the difference. After the workout, I feel good and recover quickly. I’m definitely packing on the muscle.

Clenbutrol – Next best thing to real Clenbuterol

Crazybulk ClenbutrolDangerous and illegal, Clenbuterol is a popular illegal fat burner. It is known to cause heart palpitations, rapid heart beat, tremors, and chest pain. Luckily, there is an alternative- Clenbutrol. Clenbutrol is Crazy Bulks legal alternative to the substance. It burns fat and helps you get shredded without any nasty side effects. It boosts energy, increases metabolism, and helps to burn body fat.

Clenbutrol promises to:

  • Boost energy
  • Improve workouts
  • Suppress appetite
  • Make cutting phase easier

Clenbutrol Reviews

Dudes, this Clenbutrol alternative from Crazy Bulks actually works. I thought it was a scam but a friend of mine told me it worked well and wasn’t a scam. He lost 12 lbs in 3 weeks. I used it to cut and ate 1,000 calories a day. It gave me lots of energy and despite being on a cut I worked out harder than I did before. My weight went from 164 to 151 with the use of just one bottle and my muscles are popping. Best fat burner so far.
I’ve tried probably 10 fat burning supplements within the past year and so far Clenbutrol has worked the best for me. I can workout on an empty stomach for over an hour with it and feel great using it.
I use intermittent fasting plus workouts and use Clenbutrol each morning at around 8:30. By 9:00 I’m energized and ready to work out. Usually I can workout for 30 minutes when fasting but using this I can go for over hour. I’m losing weight fast and it’s all just fat. Every morning I can see moe muscles. This is a great fat burner. I have more coming.

CrazyBulk Trenorol – Ideal alternative to Trenbolone

crazybulk trenorolTrenorol is CrazyBulk’s alternative to Trenbolone. Like Clenbutrol, Trenorol helps your body go into a state of anabolism so that muscle building is easier. It increases your body’s red blood cell count and in turn, increases the amount of oxygen that reachers your muscles during a work out. More oxygen means longer work outs, which adds up to better results.

Trenorol can also be used during a cutting phase, as it will help you retain muscle mass.

Trenorol promises to:

  • Increase strength
  • Help build muscle
  • Make workouts more effective
  • Help you workout longer

CrazyBulk Trenorol Customer Reviews

I really liked Trenorol but for bulking I prefer Crazy Bulk’s D-bal.
OG Pete
I used it for both bulking and cutting and the results were sweet!
I’ve used Trenbolone before but decided to give this legal alternative a go. I went for Trenorol because I had something to compare it to. It isn’t as powerful as the illegal version but you can’t expect it to be because it isn’t the real thing. It is worth the money, though, because it helps you workout hard and recover faster which is perfect for bulking and cutting. No doubt if you eat a ton of calories and workout while using this you’ll build muscle.

CrazyBulk HGH-X2 – Better than HGH

crazybulk hgh-x2HGH is popular all around the world. Millions of people use it to burn fat, improve energy, and anti-aging. It can also help burn muscle. HGH is a natural supplement that is generally considered to be safe. The problem with the supplement, however, is that it can be expensive and needs to be injected on a daily basis. HGH-X2 was created in an attempt to mimic the effects of HGH for a more reasonable price.

HGH-X2 promises to:

  • Increase energy
  • Add muscle
  • Burn fat
  • Help with anti-aging

CraxyBulk HGH-X2 Reviews

I was spending way too much money on HGH but couldn’t give it up! I discovered this product by CrazyBulk- it’s a lot cheaper and has good reviews. I’ve been using it for almost 3 months now and have been loving it! I’m 46 years old, by the way. HGH-X2 is almost as good as the real HGH. The main benefits I’ve noticed are that I feel youthful and have more energy. My joints feel better and my skin feels smoother. I’m getting stronger exercising 3 times a week and I don’t have aches afterwards. I’ve lost weight in my mid section. I’m enjoying the extra energy because it allows me to spend time with my family instead of being too tired or sleeping.

CrazyBulk Anvarol – New alternative to Anavar

crazybulk anvarolThe CrazyBulk alternative to Anavar, Anvarol is used to burn fat. It works by increasing ATP (adenosine triphosphate) levels that increase the energy output of the muscles when you’re working out.

Anvarol promises to:

  • Give you energy
  • Help you workout for longer
  • Help you retain muscle
  • Aid in your cutting phase

Anvarol Reviews

Just got through a cut using Anvarol and it wernt really well. In one month I lost 14 lbs while only working out every 3rd day.
I’ve tried Anvarol and Clenbutrol for cutting and I think I prefer the first choice. I feel a lot less sore after working out using this and when I exercise it feels like I’m running on rocket fuel.

CrazyBulk Testo-Max – An efficient Sustanon alternative

crazybulk testo-maxTesto-Max is an alternative to Sustanon 250- a anabolic steroid that is used to increase testosterone levels within the body. An increase in testosterone means that the body can build muscle faster, burn fat more easily, and have more energy, as well as increased mental focus.

Sustanon 250 has various side effects including: acne, increased facial hair growth, weight gain, fluid retention, depression, and prostate problems. Testo-Max has no unpleasant side effects.

Testo-Max promises to:

  • Increase energy
  • Build muscle fast
  • Burn fat
  • Increase focus

Testo-Max Real Reviews

I exercise frequently and wanted something to give me more energy. I read about testosterone boosters and heard that Testo-Max was a good booster. So far it’s been good. I finished my first bottle and feel great. I can see a change in my physique already. I have less fat and look more toned. I’ve gained muscle too. I like how good it makes me feel. I’m 31 but feel 21 using this.
Powerful Kris
Lately I’ve been using this awesome testosterone boost. A few days into it and I started to perk up and feel more alive.

CrazyBulk Winsol – A legit alternative to Winstrol

crazybulk winsolWinstrol is the steroid of choice for many athletes, however, Winstrol can cause a host of undesirable effects such as headaches, nausea, changes in skin color, ankle swelling, and changes in sexual desires. Winsol, the CrazyBulk alternative, achieves the same goals as Winstrol, but with no effects.

It works to burn fat and ensure the retention of muscles while cutting. It’s safe for men and women alike.

CrazyBulk Winsol promises to:

  • Retain muscle mass
  • Burn fat
  • Improve performance

Winsol Customer Reviews

I used Winsol for my cutting. I was torn between this and Clenbutrol but I’m happy with my decision. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks and have lost nearly a stone. I’m lifting the same weight as before so I haven’t lost any muscle. I’m looking chiselled and feeling good.
Good for if you want a supplement to burn fat while keeping your muscle. Its been working for me so far.

CrazyBulk Anadrole – A match for Anadrol

crazybulk anadroleDue to the fast results of Anadrol, it’s a popular choice for body builders. Anadrole by CrazyBulk works just as fast and has no negative side effects. Results can be seen within the first day and massive gains are to be had within 3 weeks.

Anadrole promises to:

  • Build muscle
  • Help you gain strength
  • Help you recover faster
  • Beast mode workouts

Anadrole Reviews

Wow, this is a good supplement. In my first week I gained 3 lbs and my workouts have been better then ever. I just did a 2 hour long workout and I still feel like I have enough energy to hit the gym again.
Lil Rascal
I’ve used Anadrole and Anadrol 50. I prefer to use the legal version that’s sold by CrazyBulk because there were no side effects and it worked fast. I gained almost 15 lbs when I used it for a few months. I gained more with the real steroid but there were too many bad side effects and I lost my gains within 6 weeks of not using it. CrazyBulk’s version helped me build real muscle and I didn’t lose it when I stopped using it 8 weeks ago. I’ve held onto 95% of my gain.
It’s a solid supplement.
There are tons of legal steroid companies coming out of nowhere and I’ve tried most of them. The best ones I’ve tried are by Crazy Bulk. I like their bulking stack and Anadrole. When I use Anadrole, I gain muscle quickly and my gym sessions are better. If you’re searching for something to help you build muscle, Anadrole is your best bet.

CrazyBulk DecaDuro- A healthier alternative to Deca Durabolin

crazybulk decaduroDecaDuro is the CrazyBulk version of Deca Durabolin. It is a testosterone based steroid that works to increase the red blood count and kick the body into a higher rate of protein synthesis. Deca Durabolin, although popular, isn’t a healthy choice for long term use. It can cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. DecaDuro is side effect free.

DecaDuro promises to:

  • Help you gain muscle
  • Increase your workout intensity
  • Help you recover faster

DecaDuro Reviews

I use to feel sore every time I worked out- even when I took BCAAs but since I started taking this I’m never sore and can work out everyday. I’ve gained 5 lbs of muscle.
Lt Surge
This is great. I don’t usually leave any reviews of recommend products but I’m going to recommend this if you want to build muscle.

CrazyBulk N02 Max – Working out in beast mode

crazybulk NO2 MaxN02-Max isn’t a steroid. It’s actually a nitric oxide booster that helps your body send more oxygen to your muscles when you’re working out. The extra oxygen will make you feel more energized and allow you to workout harder. It also aids in speeding up recovery time after a particularly strenuous workout.

N02-Max promises to:

  • Give you energy
  • Help you train harder
  • Help you recover faster

N02 Max Reviews

The only thing I can say is WOW. I’ve been training for years and this stuff helped me break through a plateau.
N02 Max is hands down the best booster I’ve used. Take it before a workout to have better pumps, more energy, and to get more reps per set. Super powerful product.

CrazyBulk Gynectrol- The Cure for Man Boobs

crazybulk gynectrolGynectrol has been designed for men who suffer from excess breast tissue or “man boobs”. The product decreases the body’s estrogen levels and increases the testosterone levels, balancing out the hormones. It also boosts the body’s metabolic rate and aids in weight loss. Gynectrol should be paired with exercise and a calorie deficit for results to be seen.

Gynectrol promises to:

  • Balance out hormone levels
  • Increase testosterone and decrease estrogen
  • Burn fat

Gynectrol Reviews

It’s nice to be able to wear t-shirts instead of sweaters and hoodies all the time because I’m trying to cover my embarrassing man boobs. In addition to using this, I also exercised which helped a lot.

Crazy Bulk Ultimate Stack

Become the #UltimateVersion of You

crazybulk ultimate stackThe Ultimate Stack combines all of the best Crazy Bulk products into one great stack. This is the most expensive stack that Crazy Bulk offers, but is truly worth it. The Ultimate Stack is good for serious bodybuilders who want to put their money to good use.

Ultimate Stack contains:

  1. D-bal (Dianabol alternative)
  2. Testo-Max (Sustanon alternative)
  3. DecaDuro (Deca Durabolin alternative)
  4. Trenorol (Trenbolone alternative)
  5. Clenbutrol (Clenbuterol alternative)
  6. Anadrole (Androl alternative)

Ultimate Stack promises to:

  • Give you energy
  • Improve your performance
  • Make you stronger
  • Help you recover faster
  • Improve your skin’s appearance
  • Help you burn fat
  • Help you build muscle

CrazyBulk Ultimate Stack Customer Reviews

I was put off by the price at first but I realized that it’s not much more than then Bulking Stack so I just got this. It’s worth the money. I’ve gained muscle and burned fat at the same time, which I didn’t think was possible. I couldn’t see my abs when started but now I’ve gained over 10 lbs and can see them.
This is the real deal.
Ultimate Harry
I got great results within 4 weeks using the Ultimate Stack!
I didn’t do anything differently other than using this product and I managed to gain 22 lbs of muscle. Next I’m getting the Cutting Stack to get shredded.
Thanks a ton!

Which Crazy Bulk product is best for you?

There is a variety of products available from Crazy Bulk. It can be hard to figure out which one is best for you, so based on our personal experience and knowledge, here are our recommendations.

In our opinion, the best product for bulking is the Bulking Stack. The stack contains all of the most beneficial Crazy Bulk products and guarantees a great result. It is a bit pricey, however, so if that is an issue, we’d recommend a single product: D-bal.

The best product for cutting is the Cutting Stack. It includes all of Crazy Bulk’s best fat burning products for a reasonable price. If you’re on a budget, go for Clenbutrol.

Crazy Bulk Legal Steroids FAQs

Are these real steroids?

No, they are not actual steroids. They just attempt to mimic those positive effects that are provided by steroids but without any of the harmful side effects that normally come with steroids. An increasing number of people these days are avoiding using the old illegal steroids since we now know about all of the harm that they can cause. By contrast, the Crazy Bulk supplements are legal steroids.

Is this product legal?

Yes, it is 100% legal. If you use these supplements, you won’t get into any trouble. Although the FDA has not approved them, all of its ingredients are natural instead of pharmaceutical.

Will it show up in drug tests?

No, these supplements are made in a factory in the US that doesn’t make any steroids. That means there is no risk that they will become contaminated so you won’t get flagged for taking something illegal if you have to take a drug test. Also, none of the ingredients that are listed in the product are on the banned substances list.

Is this product performance-enhancing?

Yes, they are extremely performance-enhancing, so if you are playing some kind of sport they will provide you with a great advantage over your competitors and you will be able to feel safe knowing you won’t be flagged as a cheater if you need to take a performance-enhancing drug test.

Does the product have any side effects?

After I took most of the Crazy Bulk supplements I didn’t notice any negative side effects. Also, after reading through forums and reviews I have not heard of anybody else experiencing any major negative side effects, However, I saw a few posts where guys talked about getting an upset stomach if the pills were taken on an empty stomach, but if they ate some food with the pills, like half a banana, they felt fine.

How do these supplements compare with real steroids?

Compared to “real” steroids, they aren’t as powerful but still quite powerful. They are around 70% power as real steroids. So you probably should skip using Crazy Bulk if you are competing in the Mr. Olympia contest since they won’t be powerful enough. However, if you are simply wanting to look great and build muscle, then they can provide you will some amazing results even if they are only about 70% as powerful.

Are they safe? Side-effects?

These supplements are completely safe to take since their ingredients are all-natural. That is why there are so many people these days who are now taking legal steroids such as Crazy Bulk since they are safe and effective.

How long does it take to start seeing results?

That will depend on your specific goals, but you will start feeling changes practically immediately. You will feel them starting to work and they will completely transform how you work out and feel. If you work out really hard while taking them you will start seeing physical changes in under one week. Within a few weeks, these changes will be undeniable and in a month you will feel and look like a brand new man.

Is there a good workout routine that you can recommend that goes with it?

There are many good workout programs that are available these days. One that I like is the Body Beast program. However, some guys think it’s too easy. is another good place to check out since they have a lot of free workout programs that are supposed to be very good. It is critical for you to stick with a good workout program to achieve the best results from taking the Crazy Bulk supplement.

When I stop taking the supplement will my results disappear?

One of the major complaints that people have about “real” steroids is you end up losing everything when you stop taking the steroids and go back to normal. This is why you see some guys looking huge during the summer but then weedy during the winter. However, Crazy Bulk supplements help with building real muscle so you won’t deflate after you stop taking them since you are building all-natural muscle. However, in order to maintain your muscle, you will still need to keep working out after you stop taking them.

Which of the Crazy Bulk products is the best one for bulking?

The bulking stack is what I used. It is a great combination so if you want to build muscle and are able to afford it then I recommend that you use the bulking stack. However, Dbal is what I recommend for building muscle if you just want to use one product.

Which is the best Crazy Bulk product for cutting?

If you are able to afford it we recommend that you use the cutting stack, but Clenbutrol would be the one product that we recommend for cutting.

Can women take these supplements?

Yes, there are many women taking them these days and achieving impressive results.

How long do I need to bulk?

We recommend that you bulk for 8 to 12 weeks. Your body needs to have plenty of time in order to reach its full potential. In 12 weeks you can get some great results and the time will go by very quickly. How long you decide to bulk is really up to you. When you start to gain too much fat you should think about ending bulky. If you wanted to you could potentially be one a bulking phase for one year.

How long do I need to cut?

You reduce your caloric intake during the cutting phase to burn fat. No one likes the cutting phase since it means they eat less. What we recommend is that you cut for 4 to 6 weeks. If there isn’t a lot of fat for you to burn and you take Crazy Bulk Supplements they will help you burn through the fat very fast and you will have a very short cutting phase. Personally, what we like is 4 weeks of cutting, and 12 weeks of bulking.

Do I have to watch my diet still?

Yes, absolutely. To bulk up you need to have a surplus of calories and when you are cutting your caloric intake needs to be reduced. However, when you take the Crazy Bulk supplements you won’t have to stress over your diet as much since you will be easily building muscle and burning fat.

Are there any coupon codes or discounts that are available?

Yes, they seem to always have discounts and sales running. Check the official website for best and latest offers.